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Maximum 6 Players Single Player Multiplayer Easy 

Set in an ethereal, evolving world for up to 6 players. Rhythmatic takes the concept of slicing along to the music into the stratosphere. Think of a world which pulses and builds as you get into your groove. Imagine seeing your friends in their own lanes battling to beat you in real time. Add power ups, power downs and weapons to use against your foes...then load the whole thing up with a constantly updated library of cutting edge music, made by the world's best producers and artists, all split up into genres so players can find their perfect sound every time they jump in.

Beast Pets

Single Player Easy 

Help wanted! We have our hands full raising a litter of cute baby dragon pups and need your help to keep them active and entertained. Featuring 5 cheeky small dragons who: • Love cuddles • Are prone to destruction (but there’s no cleanup in VR!) • Will fight over snacks • Need socialization and exercise Because dragons need a lot of stimuli, we’re constantly adding new activities, toys, and areas to explore.

Loco Dojo

Maximum 1 Players Single Player Multiplayer Easy 

Enter the whimsical wooden world of Loco Dojo and step up to Grand Sensei’s ‘Table of Trials’ to pit your silliest skills against (up to) three friends or strangers in this hilariously competitive cross-platform multiplayer social VR party game. Take turns to spin the dice wheel and move your counter around the dojo’s game board, acquiring strategic prizes and launching ludicrous trials in which to compete with your rival players to prove yourself as a master of martial madness! Discover a wealth of wacky uses for VR motion controllers woven through sixteen ridiculous minigames. Perform well and win a pile of Golden Suns to please Grand Sensei, earning the right to enter his temple where overall victory can be claimed in an asymmetric showdown of epic absurdity. No friends? No problem! Grand Sensei’s 'Ten Trial Test' provides a highly replayable Solo Challenge mode that’s different every time you play. Do you have what it takes to obtain the fabled Black Headband? **For Shorter Users** Pull out the box from under the table to virtually boost their in-game head height! **SpringBoardVR Multiplayer Update** Steamworks is no longer integrated so your in-game username will be the name of your PC or Windows user account. To start a multiplayer game, select 'public' and create a room. On the other PCs, join that public room. NOTE that the host is no longer able to invite friends to rooms and private rooms are invisible. This is because SpringboardVR no longer uses Steam keycodes for access and you have a dedicated binary. Fantastic features include: * Tournament mode for 2 to 4 simultaneous players * Solo Challenge mode - easy to enjoy but devilish to master * Accessible and social central hub board game * 16 marvellously mad minigames * Charismatic host character voiced by cult hero Brian Blessed! * Delightfully quirky wooden toy visual style * Enchanting stick-in-your-head soundtrack

Big Cat Rescue VR

Exploration Cinematic Experience Maximum 1 Players Single Player Easy 

Carole Baskin's Big Cat Rescue VR offers a first person view into the world of big cats. Starting with tigers, our goals is to offer a live, up close and person encounter with these formidable felines. Big Cat Rescue located in Tampa, Florida is a sanctuary for big cats with goal to end abuse of big cats in captivity, and prevent extinction of big cats in the wild. Thanks to the magic of VR, you can come up close to these animals. We have therefore ensured likeness as much as possible in order to provide you with as close to live an experience as we can.

The Guy VR

Puzzle Comedy Maximum 1 Players Single Player Intermediate 

The Guy is back in VR! Experience it and find out the new custom levels that take full advantage of Virtual Reality. Will your heart be able to take all these deaths at once? A first person puzzle game like no other where you'll have to find the way out of your own dreams using objects and tools that you'll obtain during the nap. Play this super immersive experience with your Valve Index, HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. FEATURES - New awesome levels that take full advantage of VR devices - Full body locomotion in Virtual Reality - Total physics control of all items New incredible moves: be able to pick up items, throw them, activate mechanisms and even burp. - Driving System redesigned for VR - Teleport movement style extra option (if your stomach can't take it) - An important mission to accomplish (again)

Just In Time Incorporated

Comedy Puzzle Action For Kids Single Player Easy 

Become a death prevention insurance agent at Just In Time Incorporated and grab bullets, grenades, or even a fire extinguisher to save your clients from gruesome death. With the power of hyper-glove technology, time slows down but you won’t have to! For manuals and marketing assets, go to For technical support please email

Skyfront VR

Action Sci-Fi Shooter Maximum 10 Players Single Player Multiplayer Easy 

Skyfront is a ZERO-GRAVITY shooter where you fly around battling against other players. You have cool and explosive weapons to blast at your enemies and awesome Special Abilities to mess up your opponents game. Jump in the game and you will be flying and winning in no time. • Perfect for VR Arcades • Bloodless gameplay - suitable for all ages • Easy to teach to new players • Perfect for groups or single players • Intuitive controls • In-game chat for group experiences • Gorgeous arenas inspired by ancient battlegrounds

Elven Assassin

Maximum 4 Players Single Player Multiplayer Intermediate 

Take a bow and kill hordes of orcs in the epic town defense game. You can play alone to conquer the leaderboards or unite with other assassins in online co-op mode. Be careful to avoid massive axes thrown at you by orc warriors. For Arcade Owners:

Vacation Simulator

Maximum 1 Players Single Player Easy 

Welcome to the Vacation Simulator, a rough approximation of VACATION inspired by real human NOT JOBBING, brought to you by the same robots behind the Job Simulator. Reallocate your bandwidth and get ready to splash, s’more, snowball, and selfie your way to optimal relaxation! The year is 2060. Following record enrollment in the Job Simulator, robots set out to uncover what else humans did besides ‘job’. After years of balancing buoyancy levels, cataloguing campfire chronicles, and securing ski slope safety protocols, their research led to the creation of a rough approximation of ‘not jobbing’: the Vacation Simulator. Amenities: - Experience Vacation Island, your destination for optimal relaxation and/or efficient memory-making! - Customize a virtual YOU for picture-perfect selfies! - Wave to interact with a colorful cast of Bots! - Enjoy RECREATION beyond the theoretical limit in immersion-inspiring destinations! - Splash in the silicon sea and bask in simulated sunlight, all without getting sand in your… hands! - Get lost connecting with your roots, nodes, and branches... then get actually lost on a hike! - Elevate your ice-sculpting skills to new heights and reach peak cozy by knitting mittens for a snowhuman! - Exist in a comfortable, all-inclusive VR experience— free of motion sickness AND seasickness!

Zombie Training Simulator

Comedy Shooter For Kids Action Single Player Easy 

Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse? We've done the research and want to make sure you're prepared. When the news reports the zombies are here and your friend gives you a call, "They're here. I need you," how will you respond? "That's right," you'll say "...I'll be right over. We've got this thanks to ZTS!"

Total 60 Games